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Hajj Journey – Part 1

It has been nearly a month since I came back from Hajj. Hajj is the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced. I felt Allah’s blessing throughout my journey. Yes, there were some difficulties but they were not as hard as I expected. Performing Hajj at young age is definitely a great advantage. I […]

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Rice Roll

It has been a month since I came back from Hajj. Things are slowly getting back to normal. I will post my Hajj reflection shortly. This recipe was written before I travel but did not have the chance to post it until now. Rice Roll is a all-time favourite dish in Hong Kong Cha Chan Ten and Mr. Camel’s favourite. This is not a traditional method of making it but I have adapted it to suit our domestic kitchen. You can also make a vegetarian version, simply leave out the meat and add chopped spring onion only. The vegetarian rice roll is also very delicious with sweetened soy sauce, chili sauce and peanut butter. I know the sauce combination sounds strange. But trust me, it matches perfectly well with the rice roll.

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Chicken Roll

Chicken thigh is an ingredient I like to use for cooking. It is easy to cook and has varied possibilities: From stir fry chicken with vegetables to Teriyaki Chicken. Recently, I use it to make chicken rolls. You can put anything you like inside the chicken roll – as long as it is delicious, no one will complain. Unlike the western style where you make it with spinach and cheese inside, I am going to use carrots and celery to pan fry it with soy sauce. This is by far my favourite way and easiest way to make chicken roll. Crunchy carrot with tender juicy chicken. Hope you will enjoy it.

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Spicy Mince Meat with Aubergine

Mr Camel doesn’t like aubergine which is quite the opposite to me. So I decided to make Spicy Mince Meat with Aubergine. So he can eat all the meat and save me the aubergine.

This is recipe is similar to Ma Po Tofu with similar seasoning and replaces Tofu with aubergine. Despite the fact that it is less famous than Ma Po Tofu, I like Spicy Mince Meat with Aubergine more. The aubergine is tasty as it absorbs both the meat and bean sauce flavour. To my surprise, Mr Camel finished the aubergine leaving me with less aubergine than I expected. I realised he eats anything with a with spicy flavor. Now I know how to cook my next dish with ingredients he dislikes most.

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Vegetables Soup

This soup is inspired by the New Covent Garden vegetables soup. When I traveled in Edinburgh recently, I tried this soup and I was very impressed by its richness. I used the ingredients as a reference and made my version of this vegetables soup. This is my first time I’ve use swede. It is not common in Asia so I was not sure if I would like its flavour. To my surprise, the taste was great and it worked well with other vegetables. Feel free to use different combination of vegetables such as sweet corn, turnip, etc to make your very own version of this vegetable soup!

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Mango Pudding

I almost forgot I had to make something sweet for Eid. This was prepared in the eleventh hour and took less than 15 minutes to make. I decided to make a mango pudding using the residue mango pulp from yesterday’s mango lassi. I  have also previously made mango pudding from fresh mangoes. All you need to do is to use a blender to blend the mango, extra sugar and add in the gelatine mix. To keep this halal, my friend bought me a very high quality gelatine from New Zealand. Even though you may choose to use mango pulp, I still highly recommend that you add freshly diced mangoes into the mixture to incorporate a different texture. For the best result, chill it overnight but, if like me, you are working to the last minute, it should still work out if you leave it in the fridge for a mere 3 hours. 


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Beef Cake (Pan-fried Dumpling)

I know my blog haven’t been updated for quite a while. I was very busy (and frankly a little bit lazy). But there will be two more recipes on the way so hopefully it won’t be take too long before the next update.

You may not have seen this beef cake before as this is rarely available. This beef cake was first introduced by a Muslim restaurant so we all call it “Halal Beef Cake” in Hong Kong. It is very popular with many locals as they visit the restaurant regularly just for this. To my content, my Halal Beef Cake is very similar to the actual thing. I reduced the size of the beef cake as I find them less messy to eat and more suitable for people who have smaller apetite.

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Wonton (Meat and Prawns Dumpling)

Wonton is a popular Hong Kong street food and my favourite type of dumpling. The skin of Wonton is very thin which means you can get a richer flavour and texture. You can easily get wonton skin in Chinese supermarkets. It is usually eaten with soup, vegetables and sometimes noodles. As this takes some effort to make, I usually make a large batch and frozen it for lunches later. The fillings of wontons varies. The meat and prawns filling is most to my liking. The golden ratio of meat and prawns is 1:1. You may add mushrooms, vegetables, basically anything you like in the filling. I hope to post other dumplings recipe with different fillings later, so watch this space!

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Portuguese Style Coconut Chicken (Galinha à portuguesa)

My mum used to make this dish during gatherings and special occasions. I would look forward to such a special occasion because I love this dish so much. Now, I can make it myself whenever I want 🙂 Interestingly, despite with the name “Portuguese style”, this dish is originate from Macao. You will never find anything similar in Portugal. This is very easy to make and the flavor is richer if you let it rest overnight and save it for next day’s meals.

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Seafood Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce

I love using the pesto sauce for pasta dishes.  Mr Camel used to buy ready-made pesto sauce. Last week, I decided to make it from scratch myself. It turned out to be very easy to make! There are only three ingredients needed, plus a blender to mix everything together. Alternatively, you can use a pastel and mortar which will just yield a coarser result. Unfortunately, I did not take photos when I made the sauce. Nonetheless, this is super easy and delicious sauce, so when I make it again I shall put the photos up here. Until then, this is the recipe for seafood spaghetti with pesto sauce.

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