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Spiced red lentils soup

I invited some friends over for dinner recently. I came across this in a Turkish restaurant and wanted to replicate it myself. Although this is not a Chinese dish, my guests loved it. Likewise, I hope you will like it too. When making this soup, I found it essential to have a hand-held blender. I […]

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Fried Chicken Fried Rice

Have you ever found it annoying when looking for ways to get rid of leftover fried chicken? I sometimes buy a bucket of fried chicken to share with my family for dinner and there are usually leftovers. I put the fried chicken into the freezer and forgot about them. Recently, when I cleaned the freezer, […]

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Chicken Sweet Corn Rice Congee

After the Stir Fry Noodles, here comes the Chicken Sweet Corn Rice Congee. I really like this congee and it is good to eat in wintertime. It warms me instantly. My mother used to make rice congee (no chicken and sweet corn 🙁  ) when I was sick. But it is a healthy recipe and […]

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Chicken Chow Mien

After starting this blog, some readers asked me to post more common dishes. So this week, I shall go back to basic and make Chicken Chow Mien. Speaking of Chow Mien (stir fry noodles), for me, it must come with rice congee. Rice congee is probably less common to Westerners but for us, Chinese stir fry […]

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Tomato Garlic Prawns

This Tomato Garlic Prawns dish is especially designed for prawn-eaters. This is my brother’s favorite dish. The freshness of prawns is a crucial part of this dish so I recommend buying fresh prawn on shells in Chinese supermarkets. In my experience, they sell the freshest seafood. The authentic Tomato Garlic Prawns served in most Chinese […]

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Yogurt Ice lolly

I know the weather is getting cold and you may not want an ice lolly. But I am sure my readers from the southern hemisphere will definitely need this! I watched a video on Youtube for this easy way of making yogurt ice lolly and decided to try it out. It turned out quite well […]

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I really like my sushi. Many of my friends also like sushi. . However, it is very difficult to know all the ingredients in the sushi we eat in restaurants. So, as a Muslim, the safest way is to make our own sushi! The ingredients of the sushi are easy to prepare but the technique […]

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MaPo Tofu

This is a Szechuen dish. I have made this several times and it is by far the most popular dish amongst my guests. Tofu and chili bean sauce can be found in any Chinese supermarket. I tend to choose tofu which is non-GMO. The chili bean sauce is a Chinese traditional hot sauce which is […]

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