Fried Chicken Fried Rice

Fried Chicken Fried Rice

Have you ever found it annoying when looking for ways to get rid of leftover fried chicken? I sometimes buy a bucket of fried chicken to share with my family for dinner and there are usually leftovers. I put the fried chicken into the freezer and forgot about them. Recently, when I cleaned the freezer, I found some frozen fried chickens from few months ago. As I happened to have some leftover rice too,  I decided to make Fried Chicken Fried Rice. It turned out surprisingly well.



Rice 2 bowls (cooked)

Onion 1 (small) chopped into small pieces

Egg 1, beatened

Carrot 2 (small) cut into small cubes

Fried chicken 2 (small), preferably chicken breast

Frozen green beans


Sugar a pinch

Oil 2Tbsp



    1. Use a pan to simmer the green beans for 3 mins. Drain well and set aside.


2. Whilst that is cooking, bake the defrosted frozen chicken in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until hot and crispy.

3. Remove the bones of the chicken. Use a pair of scissors to cut the chicken into small pieces around the same size as the carrots. Set aside.


4. Heat the oil in a frying pan, stir fry the onion until soft and can smell the aroma.

5. Add the carrots and season with salt until the carrots are cooked. Set aside.


6. Heat the oil in a frying pan, add the beaten egg to the pan. Spread the rice on the egg immediately.




7. Season with salt and sugar. Keep stirring the egg and rice mixture until the egg is cooked and rice is hot.

8. Put the cooked onion and carrot, cooked green beans, fried chicken pieces into the pan and mix well. Serve hot.





  1. Using leftover rice is better because leftover rice is drier than freshly cooked rice. It is easier to make better fried rice with leftover rice. If the rice sticks together in a dough and become hard from the fridge, you may want to leave it in room temperature and use a spoon to separate them before cooking.
  2. The onion, carrots and fried chicken should be cut into not bigger than 5cm. As we need to keep the cooking time short in high heat, the size of the ingredients should be kept small so they can cook through easily and maintain a consistent texture.
  3. Using a non-stick frying pan to cook fried rice and fried noodles is highly recommended as using a stainless steel to cook will involve higher skills and more oil.

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    • Hi! You don’t need to add soy sauce in this recipe. The only seasoning is salt and sugar. The reason is that we want to keep the fried rice dry, soy sauce will add extra moist to the fried rice. You don’t need to add too much salt as the fried chicken is already rich in flavor. Keep tasting whilst you cook. You may add a pinch of sugar in step 7.

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