Hajj Journey – Part 4

Hajj Journey – Part 4

During the last two days, we went to Madinah. The travel took us 6 hours by coach and it may take longer depending on road condition. We stayed right next to the Al Haram Mosque which was very convenient. We arrived at mid night when it coincided with one of the few slots when women are allowed to visit the tomb of Prophet Mohammed(saw), Abu Bakr and Umar (ra). We also prayed in Riad’ul Jannah (Garden of Paradise) where is a blessed place to pray. Due to the limited space in the area, we could not stay long. But we can still pray in the other areas inside the mosque. The Al-Haram Mosque Madinah was a very peaceful place. The feeling was very different to the Al Haram Mosque in Makkah as it is quieter and more peaceful.

AL-Haram Mosque in the morning

AL-Haram Mosque in the evening

The next day, we met some of our tour mates in the mosque. They told us that they rented a taxi to visit various sites such as the mosque where the prayer direction was changed from Jerusalem to Makkah (Masjid al Qibla Tain). We then went to the location where the battle of Badar took place, and visited the tomb of Hamza where he was martyred. There was a nice fragrance that came from the grave. We thought it came from the incense that the locals were burning. But we were told that it was the fragrance from paradise as we didn’t see any incense being burnt. In fact, the smell was not like any of the incense that we had smelled before – it was a very special smell.

Masjid al Qibla Tain

After doing the main sites in Medina, the taxi driver took us to a very interesting place, the locals called it the Jinn Valley. Indeed, strange things did happen. We witnessed the car moving up the hill when the engine was switched off. To prove to us that it was a strange place, the taxi driver left his car’s engine off and the car slowly accelerated to 80 MPH. Once we left the valley, the car eventually came to a halt. I am not sure what to make of it – you can make your own judgement as to what was happening.

Jinn Valley

Then, we went to a date farm and bought many fresh Ajwa dates. You can only find good quality Ajwa dates in Madinah. As the Prophet (saw) has blessed the land of Madinah which the Ajwa dates would bring good health.

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