Hajj Journey – Part 5

Hajj Journey – Part 5

On the last day, we walked the streets of Madinah and bought some souvenirs for our friends and family. After praying in the mosque and sending our peace on the prophet, we headed back to the UK. Madinah was indeed a very beautiful city where the people were relatively friendly, and there was also a prevailing sense of tranquillity. Even though there were a lot of people in the mosque, unlike Makkah, we did not feel cramped at all. Unfortunately, we only had 2 days in Madinah, and we hope, inshaAllah that we will return again.

This journey was indeed very beneficial and was unlike any other trips we have taken. Through the people and experience in our time there, we really felt the generosity of Allah. This was a time when we can forget about the day-to-day chores and spend our whole time and energy on worship alone. For those of us living in big and busy cities, this was an invaluable opportunity to renew ourselves. After talking to our tour-mates, we realised that each person had very different experience and tests from Allah. We believe that through the hajj, we will grow spiritually.

Apart from that, we have come to meet a lot of new friends. Those who used to be strangers, through living in such confined area, have learned to be patient with one another, and put aside our daily habits to accommodate each other’s need. We were in a very good group, most of us did not moan, and instead helped one another complete our hajj, especially the elderly amongst us. Under the plan of Allah, we have a lot of interesting experience which is a miracle in itself.

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