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Thai Green Curry Fried Rice

My pack of Thai green curry paste was left untouched after I bought it months ago when I made a Thai Green curry. Thai green curry paste is actually a very useful ingredients. Apart from making Thai Green curry, it can be used to make many other dishes, including marinating chicken, etc. Today, I am […]

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White Turnip Cake

When I was small, my grandma used to make a lot of Chinese traditional snacks and sweets during Chinese New Year. Fried dumplings and fried Chinese sweets balls are the most popular in our family. There are many snacks that are only available during Chinese New Year. When I was a kid, I would eat […]

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Hajj Journey – Part 5

On the last day, we walked the streets of Madinah and bought some souvenirs for our friends and family. After praying in the mosque and sending our peace on the prophet, we headed back to the UK. Madinah was indeed a very beautiful city where the people were relatively friendly, and there was also a […]

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Everybody loves their burger. This is my take on a home-made burger. It is simple and delicious, and makes for a nice comfort meal. This recipe has been inspired by a Japanese chef/blogger and I have modified his recipe a little bit. You may find his blog here:http://www.masa.tw/ The golden proportion of lean and fat […]

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Hajj Journey – Part 4

During the last two days, we went to Madinah. The travel took us 6 hours by coach and it may take longer depending on road condition. We stayed right next to the Al Haram Mosque which was very convenient. We arrived at mid night when it coincided with one of the few slots when women […]

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Pear and White Fungus Sweet Soup

The weather is becoming colder and drier. I have been making Chinese soup remedy to balance the dry weather but haven’t been writing recipes. As this is my first Chinese soup recipe, I decided to make a simple one. Chinese make soup with ingredients which serve as remedy for different weather and sickness. For example […]

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Hajj Journey – Part 3

After praying Maghrib, we took the bus towards Muztalifah where we spent the night. The plain of Muztalifah is just a plain land in the middle of nowhere. We had to bring our own sleeping bags and find an empty space to sleep. The vast land of Muztalifah was filled with pilgrims as far as […]

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Braised Seafood and Vegetables with Rice

I love dishes with a rich, thick sauce packed with flavour from the ingredients after you stew them. For me, this is a perfect combination with plain boiled rice. Unlike some other cultures, which prefers flavoured rice, we usually have plain boiled rice. Therefore, the sauce is a very important element in our dishes. We […]

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Hajj Journey (Part 2)

A few days later, the Hajj lasting for 5 days has finally begun. On the first day, at around midnight, we waited for the coach that the Saudi Hajj Ministry has arranged for us to go to Mina. In Mina, the tent city, we stayed in a tent on tatami-like mattress with around 60 other […]

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BBC Good Food Show ticket Giveaway

I happen to have a spare pair of BBC Good Food Show ticket for Birmingham on Sunday 27th November, 2016. To enter the giveaway, simply follow the steps below: 1. Like my Facebook page CamelMirror or Instagram page. 2. Comment on this post. The giveaway will be closed tomorrow 23rd November 2016 9pm UK time. […]

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