I really like my sushi. Many of my friends also like sushi. . However, it is very difficult to know all the ingredients in the sushi we eat in restaurants. So, as a Muslim, the safest way is to make our own sushi! The ingredients of the sushi are easy to prepare but the technique of rolling a sushi can be tricky. After eating many meals of ugly sushi, I can finally make a beautiful round-shaped sushi! Practice makes perfect!


Japanese rice 3cups
Sushi seaweed 7 pieces
Sushi vinegar 1 1/2 – 2Tbsp
A pinch of salt

Halal Seafood stick
4 Eggs, beaten and panfry it on a mini pan to ensure a thickness (Atsu- Tamago)
Cucumber,  shredded
Tuna filling
Smoked salmon
Avocado,  shredded

Tuna filling:
Tuna 1 can
Salad dressing 1tsp
Mayo 1Tbsp

Mix all the ingredients together.


1. After cooking the rice, add sushi vinegar and a pinch of salt and mix well with the rice. Leave it to cool.


2. Place the sushi seaweed on a sushi rolling mat.

3. Put the sushi rice on the seaweed and press it until it is evenly distributed. Leave 3cm room clear on the top. Keep the rice layer thin.


4. Place the filling on the rice horizontally. Remember not to add too many or it will be difficult to roll it.


5. Lift the edge of the mat from bottom and apply little pressure to create a roll shape.

6. After creating a rolling shape, roll the rest of the mat.



7. Remove the sushi mat and cut into pieces.



1. Using Japanese rice to make sushi is best because Japanese rice is sticky enough to hold the shape and easy to roll. You can still use thai rice to make it but try to avoid using basmati rice as it is dry so will not be able to maintain a beautiful round shaped sushi.

2. Be careful some sushi vinegar and seafood stick contains alcohol/mirin (which is a Japanese cooking wine). Read the ingredients carefully and avoid picking those with alcohol.

3. The fillings of sushi vary and you can create your own fillings. Once, I put fried chicken nuggets into sushi!

Welcome to I am a Chinese Muslim who recently moved to the UK. This is a platform where I shall share my cooking inspiration.

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