Yogurt Ice lolly

Yogurt Ice lolly

I know the weather is getting cold and you may not want an ice lolly. But I am sure my readers from the southern hemisphere will definitely need this! I watched a video on Youtube for this easy way of making yogurt ice lolly and decided to try it out. It turned out quite well but the texture is a bit too icy and not as smooth as those you get from the shops. But I found this way very clever and interesting, so I would like to share this recipe with you.


Small yogurt tub

Wooden ice lolly stick / plastic spoon / straw


1. Use a sharp knife to poke a small hole in the middle of the yogurt ice tub cover.



2. Place the wooden ice lolly stick inside the yogurt ice tub.



3. Place into freezer overnight.

4. Take it out, place in room temperature for a few minutes.

5. Take the yogurt lolly out of the tub with the wooden ice lolly stick. Enjoy!




  1. If you cannot find a wooden stick, a straw or plastic spoon will still do!
  2. I recommend using full fat yogurt, it gives a creamer texture than low fat yogurt.

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